120-hour TEFL certification online course

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What you’ll learn

  • Master modern communicative techniques for engaging students in multiple English language learning environments.
  • Recognize, identify, and use language acquisition theories and principles to develop sound lesson plans.
  • Deliver lesson plans using interactive and engaging methods.
  • Understand ways to motivate and properly engage students.

The developers of TEFL Adventure have real-world experience in how to navigate the challenges of teaching English to non-native speakers in a foreign environment. TEFL Adventure is designed to help both new and experienced instructors successfully acquire ESL-teaching positions abroad, and be confident teachers once they begin their jobs.

How are we different?

What makes TEFL Adventure unique from other online teacher-training courses is that the program is constantly evolving. To ensure material always stays relevant, we continue to edit and update the course in line with shifting educational needs. This includes providing regular updates to our lessons and assignments, and making sure students get real feedback from our instructors.

  • TEFL Adventure includes more than 120 hours of study material
  • As long as they have internet access, students are able to log into their online lessons at any time, from anywhere
  • Students can access online courses through our mobile app, allowing them to study while on the go
  • Coursework includes quizzes, tests, written responses, and final exams
  • Students get real feedback from real instructors for their completed assignments and test
  • Students who successfully pass a TEFL Adventure course are certified for life

TEFL Adventure’s online TEFL / TESOL course is fully accredited by ACCREDITAT, who gives us feedback and advice on how to improve our lessons even more.

6 reviews for 120-hour TEFL certification online course

  1. Jacob W. (verified owner)

    The TELF Adventure certification course was very well designed and even though I have already taught my 1st semester of English language, it has helped me grow in this role faster than I would have without it. Every single unit and lesson teaches something important. You might not realize it at first but all of these lessons will help you at different points in your teaching career.

  2. lunny wangsa (verified owner)

    It is a really handy course that is easy to understand and follow.

  3. Alenor Yang (verified owner)

    The TEFL Adventure course was impressive and highly educational. I particularly enjoyed the section of the course that covered proper lesson planning and various teaching strategies. Additionally, the constructive feedback on assignments has been very helpful for me to recognize my weaknesses and professionally improve myself. Another aspect I truly appreciated was the ability to access the course on my mobile phone. I highly recommend TEFL Adventure.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    TEFL Adventure’s online platform made it easy for me to study at my own pace, which was perfect for balancing my work and personal life. The interactive elements kept me engaged throughout the course.

  5. Christopher Root (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course for it’s value, course content, user experience and online support. I completed the majority of the course on my mobile phone and found the mobile access to be a great way to learn, very accessible and convenient.The user platform on both the mobile phone and PC was clear and enjoyable.

    The course took me a little over 8 weeks to complete and I truly feel that it has prepared me for my first classroom experience. I spent alot of time researching which course was best for me and I am left in no doubt that TEFL Adventure was a the right choice.

    The course content not only prepares you for practical teaching, but also covers the social aspect of the career change which I found invaluable.

    5 stars from my experience.

  6. Ella Edwards (verified owner)

    Going into this I was a little scared. There were so many different options between TEFL websites, and I didn’t know which one was the best or would give me an honest certificate. I chose this website, because it gave me the best feeling and gave me different options on countries I could travel to after I’m done. As soon as I began this I knew I made the right choice. It’s been extremely helpful on teaching me new skills, giving useful tips, and talking about all different scenarios to prepare me for. I am so thankful for this program for all its given me, and I feel ready and confident in taking the next step as an ESL teacher!

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