TEFL Adventure Enrollment and Refund Policy


Please read this enrollment and refund policy carefully before enrolling in any TEFL Adventure courses.


  • Students have full access to the TEFL Adventure online course for 180 days starting from the day of payment, after which another purchase must be made to regain full access.
  • Students may not defer enrollment to a later date after purchases are made.
  • TEFL Adventure course material is the property of Englist Co., Ltd., and content may not be recorded, copied, or otherwise reproduced and published elsewhere.


Customer Service Policy

  • We strive at all times to supply students with the highest standard of instruction possible.
  • We will always act with maximum transparency, making known the reasons and motives for any decisions or policies brought into question.
  • If at any point we are deemed to have fallen short of expectations, we will appraise the situation and take it upon ourselves to make any appropriate adjustments to procedure, policy or content in the service which we believe will remedy the situation.


Student Appeals Policy

  • All students have the right of appeal against a grade for an assignment or an overall course result.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate students’ varying needs within the constraints of TEFL Adventure’s abilities.
  • All appeals will be acknowledged in writing as soon as they are received.
  • A student’s initial appeal should be made to the student’s instructor.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the result, an appeal can be made to the program director.
  • If necessary, the external moderator may also be approached, attaching all correspondence.
  • In the event of a student appealing against a grade, there are three possible outcomes:
  1. an improvement in the student’s mark for the assignment or the overall course will be given.
  2. a reduction in the student’s mark for the assignment or the overall course grade will be given.
  3. no change in the student’s mark for the assignment or the overall course grade will be made.

The student will be promptly informed of the result.

  • No appeal will go unanswered in less than 7 working days from the moment of the appeal being lodged in the case of appeals to instructors or the course director.
  • All appeals will be duly documented in their initial stage, investigatory stage and resolutory stage. Besides emails and physical documents, TEFL Adventure will use its database for recording all transactions and verbal communications with clients. We also have a policy of keeping email records for at least two years. 


Students are eligible for full refunds in the following scenarios:

  • They have asked for a refund within 7 days of enrolling in the course.


Students are not eligible for refunds in the following scenarios:

  • They have failed the same assignment at least three times.
  • They have failed five separate assignments across the entire course.
  • If the student has failed to qualify for certification.
  • If based on student performance and/or correspondence with the student, TEFL Adventure determines it cannot in good conscience certify the student to teach.


If a refund is approved, TEFL Adventure will initiate a refund to the student’s credit card (or original method of payment). The student will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on the card issuer’s policies.

TEFL Adventure reserves the right to cancel a course if forced to do so by unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the program (war, civil or political unrest, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, or other similar events beyond the control of the program).


Contact Us

If you have any further questions regarding TEFL Adventure’s enrollment and refund policy, please contact us at info@tefladventure.com.