Why Teach?

Transition from any career

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing now, getting TEFL certified means you’re one step closer to teaching abroad.

Job location

The world is your oyster. Choose from almost any place across the globe to be your next home.

Exposure to new things

Teaching English in a foreign country gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures, cuisines, and people.

Flexible schedule

Many English-teaching jobs abroad offer flexible schedules, which means you are in control of your own hours.

Why take a TEFL Adventure course?

All of us at TEFL Adventure have benefited from the incredible experience of living abroad. As a team member put it:

“Once you move abroad and realize just how amazing life can be, all you want to do is scream it from the rooftops and tell everyone to come join you!”

Over 20 years of combined experience living and teaching abroad empowered our team at TEFL Adventure to create an all-encompassing TEFL training course. We know what works in the classroom, and we know what doesn’t.

Simply put, we wish this program had been around when we began teaching abroad.

TEFL Adventure is an online ESL teacher-training course built better than other programs out there as it is developed by actual teachers who have not only taught English as a second language in classrooms throughout Asia, but who have also instructed others in how to teach ESL.

The developers of TEFL Adventure have real-world experience in how to prepare and navigate the challenges of teaching English to non-native speakers in a foreign environment. TEFL Adventure is designed to help both new and experienced teachers successfully acquire ESL-teaching positions, and find joy and a sense of accomplishment once they begin their jobs.

This is the Future of Education

The TEFL Adventure online course combines the best parts of passive online learning with guidance from real instructors. The course takes approximately 120 hours to complete, and includes material that you can study at your own convenience, while TEFL Adventure instructors will give you comprehensive feedback after you submit completed tests and assignments.

Our Mission

Located in the heart of Taipei, TEFL Adventure’s mission is to provide you with education tools that ensure excellence in the classroom and a successful lifestyle outside of it. 

Our ACCREDITAT-certified TEFL diploma goes above and beyond academic education by additionally focusing on the realities that you will face outside of the classroom. By doing so, we put our teachers in the best situation possible for long-term success abroad.

Our Values

We offer more than just a TEFL course, we want students to succeed. Teaching abroad opens doors to so many opportunities for people to build new lives for themselves, and we’re here to make it a little easier.

Have questions?

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