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What you’ll learn

  • Master modern communicative techniques for engaging students in multiple English language learning environments.
  • Recognize, identify, and use language acquisition theories and principles to develop sound lesson plans.
  • Deliver lesson plans using interactive and engaging methods.
  • Understand ways to motivate and properly engage students.

Course Units

Students must successfully complete the entire course, submit all assignments, and receive passing grades in each section in order to receive a TEFL Adventure certification.


Unit 1

TEFL Foundations

  • Living and teaching abroad
  • Types of schools
  • Developing English language skills in ESL students
  • Basics of ESL
  • Levels of proficiency
  • Grammar refresher


Unit 2

Classroom Management

  • Class management – the basics
  • Discipline in the classroom
  • Keys to the classroom
  • Creating an effective class culture
  • ‘Student failure’ and success
  • Difficult students


Unit 3

English Instruction

  • How to teach listening
  • How to teach speaking
  • How to teach reading
  • How to teach phonics
  • How to teach vocabulary
  • How to teach writing


Unit 4


  • How to teach kindergarten
  • How to teach elementary
  • How to teach junior high and high school
  • How to teach adults
  • How to teach online


Unit 5

Lesson and Curriculum Planning

  • Basic lesson planning
  • Upgraded lesson planning
  • Working with a curriculum and textbooks
  • Testing
  • How to write a curriculum and plan for a term


Unit 6

Keys to success

  • The logistics of finding a teaching job
  • Effective communication with administration and coworkers
  • Fostering a love of learning
  • Planning Day One

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3. Work through the units

There are six units total in the TEFL Adventure online course, and they amount to more than 120 hours of learning material, including graded assignments and unit tests.

4. Complete the course

You must receive a passing grade for all quizzes, tests, and submitted assignments in order to successfully complete the lessons.

5. Get certified

Once you pass the entire online course, you will earn an ACCREDITAT-accredited TEFL Adventure certificate.

6. Start your adventure!

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